10 Nov 2017

Integrating New Design

As we have previously discussed in our blog on ‘Changing Company Image – Rebranding,’ there are often decisions company’s are forced to make regarding their brand image and assessing if rebranding should occur. Once a decision to rebrand has been chosen it is important to understand the pros and cons of making that change. When rebranding, it is important that the changes are comprehensive and the strategy reflects complete integration across all facets of the company. This is often a lengthy process that often requires a timeline to properly execute due to the various mediums company’s now reach their customers – social media, web, email, etc.


As alluded to in the previously mentioned blog post, there are clear benefits of rebranding a company’s image. Typically, rebranding is relevant when you want to reposition your brand to be more competitive in a saturated market which will ultimately, if planned properly, produce positive outcomes for your business. By integrating new design across mediums, it can often attract new customers, help achieve both financial and awareness goals, increase audience engagement, and streamline the brand itself.


The cons to implementing new design and advertising change are intuitive as well. As many may understand, avid users and brand loyal customers may be confused by the new image and ultimately become frustrated by the change. To take heed to this challenge, it is important to inform these customers prior by doing press releases and communicating via social media and other mediums to prevent loss of customers. The new design is expected to continue to reflect the brand identity and values that customers and employees believe it stands for. It could also be a costly endeavor to undergo implementation of new design. It could result in an extreme loss for the company and some creative directors could lose their jobs if the change isn’t taken well. Consulting with marketing strategists and marketing agencies can help weigh the benefits of this change and also help with creation of a timeline depending on the size and scope of your company.

Jordan Pinelli

Jordan Pinelli

Jordan's strengths include cultivating relationships with people from all walks of life and reaching mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties. She has proven her leadership capabilities within roles in organizations she has been involved with, worked positions with independence and ownership, and with various seminars and conferences she has attended. Despite being slightly technologically challenged, she is proficient in many Adobe Creative Cloud applications. She has an immense curiosity for all things marketing having dabbled in Public Relations, SEO, Advertising, Analytics, Event Planning, Social Media, and Branding.